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ginseng up premium beverage
ginseng up premium beverage

At Ginseng UP we make sure to produce quality drinks to the highest standards and bring your drinks to life


Established in 1981

Ginseng Up began its journey in New Jersey with a mission to introduce the benefits of ginseng to American consumers. At a time when traditional soft drinks dominated the market, concepts like “functional” beverages and “adaptogens” were largely unfamiliar. Ginseng Up emerged as a pioneer in the functional and health-focused beverage category, initially launching its original Ginseng Up drink and subsequently expanding its range with fruit-based flavors that highlighted the benefits of ginseng.

Expanding Reach

Ginseng Up quickly gained a dedicated following in the Northeast, and with the support of national and regional distributors, it began to spread primarily along the East Coast. Ginseng Up established its manufacturing headquarters in Worcester, Massachusetts, by renovating a former brewery. The brand’s expansion into Florida opened doors to the Caribbean market, where it continues to maintain a strong presence across various channels, including supermarkets, wholesalers, independent stores, bars, and restaurants.


International Growth

Ginseng Up partnered with manufacturers in Saint Kitts and Grenada, leading to their integration into the Carib Brewery network, which now serves as the licensee for Trinidad and Tobago and neighboring markets. Today, Ginseng Up’s products are available in North America, the Caribbean, select Central American countries, and West Africa. The company is actively exploring opportunities to produce Ginseng Up in additional international markets and to introduce new brands like Zingy Sparkling Lemonades, Bean Sparkling Coffee, Just Craft Sodas, and American Classics.


Diversification and Innovation

In the early 1990s, Ginseng Up diversified into contract manufacturing and private labeling, assisting startups in entering the market without the need for large-scale production. This strategy enabled the growth of some of today’s iconic brands, many of which continue to be produced at Ginseng Up’s facilities.

Today’s Ginseng Up

Now in its 42nd year, Ginseng Up Corporation stands as a domestic and international beverage company, offering a range of “natural” and “crafted” carbonated and non-carbonated drinks. As a fully integrated, multi-platform company, Ginseng Up encompasses branded products, contract packaging, private labeling, and the production of ingredients, concentrates, and extracts. The company also provides beverage consulting services. Committed to growth and innovation, Ginseng Up remains dedicated to delivering quality products that meet the evolving needs of both existing and new consumers.

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