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Have a beverage idea in mind? We are here for you. With our expertise in beverages, we can make your idea come to life! Whether you have a ready-to-go formula or need our assistance in developing a custom recipe, we can help you create the perfect beverage for your target market, and assist you with packaging and labeling.


Don't know where to start? No worries, Ginseng UP can help guide you through the entire process form ideation to creation. Take a look at what we have to offer below!


Manufacturing and Licensing

We provide our ingredients and ready made concentrates for you to use as a base for your drinks.


Product Formulation

Looking to create your own unique and innovative drinks but don't know where to start?


Private Labeling

Expand your own brand of refreshing and delicious beverage lineup.


Contract Manufacturing

Looking for a reliable and flexible partner to produce your beverage products?


We are more than just a beverage contract manufacturing company. We are your trusted and long-term partner in the beverage industry. Contact us today and let us help you turn your beverage idea into a reality.

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We have experience building all the way from startups to nationally recognized brands

GuS Sodas

We have bottled our GuS Sodas at Ginseng UP since our founding in 2003.  We have had only positive experiences working with the team at Ginseng UP, including production, warehousing, quality control, R&D, shipping, and senior management.  Everyone is completely customer-focused and only wants to help us achieve success.  With our growth over these past 20 years, we have had opportunities to switch to other bottlers, but we would not consider doing this based on how much we value Ginseng UP as a copacker.

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