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Private Labeling

Do you want to create your own brand of refreshing and delicious beverages?


Do you want to offer your customers a range of options, from craft beverages and sparkling waters to sparkling teas and coffees?


Do you want to work with a beverage private label manufacturing company that can handle
everything from product development to packaging and production?


Ginseng UP is a beverage private label manufacturing company that specializes in producing a wide variety of beverages, using only the finest ingredients and the latest technology.


We have the experience, knowledge and creativity to help you create the perfect beverage for your niche market.

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We offer a wide variety of craft beverages, such as craft, functional, sparkling cider, lemonade and more.

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We also offer sparkling waters, sparkling teas and sparkling coffees, in different flavors and formulations.


We can customize your products according to your specifications and preferences, or you can choose from our existing portfolio of successful products.

We can also help you with packaging and labeling, to ensure that your products meet the market standards, and we have the capacity and flexibility to handle any order size, from small batches to large volumes.


We are more than just a beverage contract manufacturing company. We are your trusted and long-term partner in the beverage industry. Contact us today and let us help you turn your beverage idea into a reality.

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