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GUP Bottling

Your Beverage Partner

With 42+ years of experience in the beverage industry strategically located in the North East region. As a fully integrated and multi-platform beverage company, we are dedicated to bringing the best of your ideas to life. We specialize in natural and crafted, both carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.

We are well certified to meet your needs

Safe Quality Foods
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
Organic Seal - small.png
USDA Organic
Kosher Certified

We have experience building all the way from startups to nationally recognized brands

GuS Sodas

We have bottled our GuS Sodas at Ginseng UP since our founding in 2003.  We have had only positive experiences working with the team at Ginseng UP, including production, warehousing, quality control, R&D, shipping, and senior management.  Everyone is completely customer-focused and only wants to help us achieve success.  With our growth over these past 20 years, we have had opportunities to switch to other bottlers, but we would not consider doing this based on how much we value Ginseng UP as a copacker.

With a dedication to quality we...


Handle all varieties of liquid sweeteners, both Natural and N&A. 

We also produce carbonated and non-carbonated beverages in multiple categories including:

  • Crafted

  • Functional

  • Sparkling (Teas, Coffees, etc)

With our production capabilities, you have nothing to worry about.

cold fill and pasteurization.png

Can do cold fill and tunnel pasteurization.


Have ample warehousing space to handle your inventory.

non gmo and organic.png

Can develop non GMO and organic drinks.

tripple filtered water.png

Use triple filtered water in all of our products.

Interested? We can't wait to hear from you!

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Ginseng UP Corp.

16 Plum Street

Worcester, MA 01604

(508) 799-6178

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